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TruFaxBrooktrout TruFax® Fax Boards

Dependable Fax Performance for Small Businesses and Low Volume Fax Customers

Brooktrout Technology is the worldwide market leader of Intelligent Fax technology, having pioneered the category in 1987. Brooktrout’s TruFax® Series is a line of intelligent fax boards that offer small to medium-sized businesses and departmental workgroups dependable fax capabilities for a variety of computer based fax applications, such as network fax and fax broadcast. The TruFax Series offers a level of reliability and fax performance that businesses can depend on at an economical price point for low volume fax traffic. Unlike Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems, TruFax’s advanced fax algorithms, dedicated fax processing components, and a single-purpose design delivers the performance that enterprise fax applications require. Plus, the TruFax analog boards have been certified to support the Microsoft Shared Fax capability of Windows Server 2003 so that you can extend the capabilities of your server software.

Acquired from over a decade of experience, Brooktrout’s TruFax Series has a built in library of communication techniques that identify and adapt to the various implementations of real world fax machines and line conditions. This technical formula, TruFax’s Adaptive Call Progress ensures unparalleled levels of compatibility, high rates of connectivity and high overall transmission speeds.

The Adaptive Call Progress algorithms ensure high connectivity rates and transmissions speeds across a wide range of fax machines and telephone line conditions. It is the same intelligent fax technology used in Brooktrout’s high-end, market leading TR114™ and TR1034™ Series. TruFax processes the fax protocol onboard, thereby lowering the CPU utilization of the server and improving overall system performance. Designed purposely to support fax-only modulation, TruFax provides a high level of network security from unauthorized data call attempts.

The TruFax 100 one-channel analog and the TruFax 200 two-channel BRI fax boards are designed for customers who have minimal faxing requirements, but still require a highly reliable and dependable solution. The TruFax two-channel analog and four-channel BRI fax boards are recommended for use with a network fax solution. By configuring the board to send and receive faxes through separate channels, the fax solution is always prepared to receive faxes in one channel while the other channel is occupied sending faxes from the outbound job queue.

Target Applications

  • Network fax
  • Broadcast Fax
  • Production Fax

Features & Benefits

  • 14.4Kbps fax transmission speeds.
  • Allows operation in both 3.3 or 5.0 volt PCI slots.
  • Onboard fax protocol processing to off-load utilization from the server.
  • Up to four channels per board for dedicated send and receive channel configuration.
  • All new Windows GUI Installation, a graphical configuration tool that allows end-users to easily install and configure their intelligent fax board.
  • One or two onboard analog and BRI telephony interfaces.
  • Adaptive call progress to ensure high connectivity rates and transmissions speeds across a wide variety of fax machines and line conditions.
  • Fax-only modulations for network security from data call attempts.
  • Install up to 4 boards per server. (See TR114 or TR1034 for higher density fax boards.)


TruFax Series: TruFax 100 and 200 PCI



  • CPU (per channel): 16MHz Zilog Z86C91
  • Fax modem (per channel): Conexant 44EFLX
  • Media Channels : Up to 2 V.17 fax
  • Network interface: 1 or 2 Loop start RJ-11
  • Physical: half-size 33 MHz PCI 2.3 universal card (3.3/5V signaling)
  • Power: 2W


  • Temperature: 0Ž–50ŽC operational
  • Humidity: 10%–95% (non-condensing)


  • Up to 14.4Kbps with auto fallback
  • ITU T.30; Group 3
  • Analog: V.17, V.21, V.23, V.27, V.29, V.33 modulation
  • BRI: V.17, V.21, V.23, V.27ter, V.29 modulation
  • Normal and fine resolution: 100x200, 200x200
  • Analog-MH compression, BRI-MH, MR compression
  • On-board image conversion
  • A4 page size
  • Format Conversion “on-the-fly”: ASCII, TIFF-F call Progress and call control Analog
  • Dialing and Call Progress: Onboard DTMF generation and detection
  • Adaptive (S.I.T. detection included), Pulse and DTMF

Certification (Interoperability) Approvals

US/Canada, European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Japan

Operating System Support


  • Windows NT, 2000 Server, 2003 Server
  • Red Hat Linux 7.0, 8.0

Installation and Configuration (BRI Only)

  • Windows Plug and Play Compliant
  • Graphical Configuration Tool


  • TruFax 100 uPCI Domestic 1 channel: 904-030-40
  • TruFax 200 uPCI Domestic 2 channel: 904-030-50

Application Programming Interface

Brooktrout Fax and Voice (Bfv)


Five year hardware. Separate warranty terms apply to software and custom products.

Global Distributor of Technology Solutions

5701 E Circle Dr # 390
Cicero, NY  13039-8638  USA
Phone: 315-350-3755
Fax: 315-362-9501

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