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Brooktrout TR1034™ Fax Boards

Brooktrout Technology Express Exchange Service

For many businesses their network fax server is a critical part of their IT infrastructure that must be kept up and running. Brooktrout understands the urgency of time should a fax card fail and that getting a system up and running in a minimal amount of time is important. For that reason, Brooktrout offers Express Exchange Service on our family of TR1034 intelligent fax boards.

The Express Exchange Service provides customers with peace of mind by offering a next-day* board replacement service direct from Brooktrout, the intelligent fax board market leader. With the Express Exchange Service, customers can reduce system downtime by extending Brooktrout's Standard Warranty to include next day delivery of a replacement fax board. The Express Exchange Service is available directly from an Authorized Brooktrout Technology Reseller.

Customers that purchase the Express Exchange Service will receive next day fax board replacement in addition to Brooktrout's standard intelligent fax board support. These boards include:

  • 5 year hardware warranty
  • unlimited access to support information and tools via the Brooktrout website
  • unlimited technical support
  • unlimited email support

(separate warranty terms apply to software products and custom products).

* Brooktrout will deliver replacement product to carrier for overnight shipment. Brooktrout cannot guarantee actual delivery on behalf of the carrier. Next day delivery in the United States and European Union only. Delivery to customers outside of United States and European Union will vary depending upon shipping and import delays.

For a list of Terms and Conditions, click here.

If you are registered with Brooktrout’s Express Exchange Service and would like to report a technical problem, click here.

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