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RocketModem® IV
Turbocharged 56K* V.92 Multimodem Cards

Supports PCI 3.3 and 5.0 Volt and is compatible with PCI-X

Product LogoThe Comtrol RocketModem® IV is an integrated, multimodem, PCI-X compatible bus expansion card** designed to provide remote access on an industry standard application server or to build a custom data communications or fax server. Combining Comtrol’s proven RocketPort® multiport serial controller technology with industry-standard modem modules, the RocketModem IV provides either four or eight 56 Kbps V.92 data and fax modems in one easily installed, easily configured package.

The RocketModem IV incorporates a 36 MHz RISC processor dedicated to processing asynchronous serial communications, thereby maximizing performance and minimizing CPU utilization. Utilizing Comtrol’s unique Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology means simplified installation, elimination of shared memory conflicts, and increased reliability.

Optimum 56K Performance

The RocketModem IV modem card uses proven, industry-standard fax modem modules to support a full range of data protocols at speeds up to 56 Kbps carrier speed. These include V.92, K56flex, V.34, V.32terbo, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.42, MNP2-4, ECC error correction, V.42bis, and MNP5 data compression. Support is also provided for Group 3 fax send-and receive at rates up to 14.4 Kbps, including T.30 protocol, fax Class 2.

RocketModem IV enables a wide variety of remote access applications, including dial-out access to ISPs, dial-in access for mobile workers or telecommuters who require access to the corporate LAN or intranet, and enterprise fax capabilities.


  • Comtrol delivers the industry's top-selling 56K V.92 multimodem PCI card products
  • 56 Kbps* data speed/14.4 fax speed (Class 2 fax support)
  • Both V.92 and K56flex 56 Kbps technology supported
  • Available in 4-modem and 8-modem models
  • Requires one PCI expansion slot** per multimodem card, providing up to 32 modems for most typical servers
  • Install multiple RocketModem IV cards in a single server using only one or no interrupts, eliminating resource conflicts
  • Port monitoring software allows reporting of board and modem port status
  • High-performance RocketPort ASIC technology maximizes modem communication throughput while minimizing server system overhead and eliminating processing bottlenecks
  • Eliminates the cabling connections and separate power supply requirements associated with external modems
  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration
  • On-board speaker
  • Individual modem reset feature enables modems to be individually reset while server remains in operation

*Due to FCC regulations, receiving speeds are limited to 53 Kbps. Actual speeds may vary according to phone line conditions.

**The PCI bus expansion slot must meet PCI spec 2.2, and must have support for 3.3V.


The manufacture offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty on ALL RocketModem IV Products!
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