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The No.1 anti-spam solution used by 80,000+ customers

The most effective way to beat spammers at their game is to use the no. 1 anti-spam solution GFI MailEssentials, which is used by 80,000 customers worldwide and has won over 60 awards.

GFI MailEssentials features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give administrators an ultra high spam capture rate out of the box with minimal configuration. Not only does it have one of the highest spam capture rates in the industry – well over 98% – but it ships at the best price on the market.

The latest version includes SpamRazer; an additional anti-spam engine that provides a second layer of protection. It has been designed to be very simple to use and due to frequent updates, SpamRazer will require no tweaking or training for it to be fully effective to filter the latest spam attacks such as NDR spam, CNN spam, MSNBC spam and any new types that appear on a regular basis. With SpamRazer filtering, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian and other advanced anti-spam technology modules, administrators can rest assured that the spam capture rate will be the highest possible. GFI MailEssentials also has a market-leading low rate of false positives.

GFI MailEssentials can detect and block phishing emails as well as add email management tools to your mail server: disclaimers, mail monitoring, Internet mail reporting, list server, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading.


Why choose GFI MailEssentials as your anti spam filter?

> #1 server anti-spam software at unbeatable pricing – starting from $207 for 10 mailboxes
> Over 80,000 installations and over 60 awards!
> Highest spam detection rate (over 98%) by its two anti-spam engines
> Ultra low-rate of false positives
> Support for the industry leading messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and Lotus Domino


Looking for email anti-spam and email security?

GFI MailDefense Suite, comprising GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity, ships at the lowest price on the Market!

NEW! – SpamRazer: An additional anti-spam engine

The latest version of GFI MailEssentials includes a new, second anti-spam engine, SpamRazer, which provides a second layer of protection. It has been designed to be very simple to use and due to frequent updates, SpamRazer will require no tweaking or training for it to be fully effective whilst filtering the latest spam attacks such as NDR spam, CNN spam, MSNBC spam and many more. Not only will administrators benefit from out-of-the-box filtering but they will not need to tweak GFI MailEssentials each time a new attack is out. With SpamRazer filtering, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian and other advanced anti-spam technologies, the spam capture rate is well over 98%. GFI MailEssentials has a market-leading low rate of false positives thereby ensuring that good and important emails are not deleted.

NEW! – Precise real time dashboard

GFI MailEssentials also ships with a precise, real-time dashboard that gives administrators a graphical view of the software’s status and as well as the server’s email flow. Components shown on the dashboard are the status of key services provided by GFI MailEssentials, statistics of email flow and blocked spam and also POP2Exchange logging.

NEW! – Improved performance

GFI MailEssentials hooks into Exchange server at the SMTP protocol level and the Exchange server does not need to download all the email before the software can determine whether an email is spam or a genuine message. This feature saves bandwidth and processing power.

NEW! – Inbuilt spam reporting

Administrators can now use GFI MailEssentials' reporting function to send a daily report to the users within the organization that shows how many emails were received by that individual and how many emails are identified as spam and filtered. This snapshot of email traffic shows the end-user how effective the anti-spam engine is and that the bulk of spam sent to him or her was successfully captured. The report also gives a full list of those emails identified and filtered as spam.

IMPROVED! – Eliminate hard to catch NDR, MSNBC and CNN spam!

With spammers controlling tens of thousands of zombie machines, these large botnet armies have become one of the leading sources of spam. The Botnet/Zombie check in GFI MailEssentials eliminates hard to catch attachment spam such as image spam, PDF spam, Excel and ZIP spam. The attachment spam check filters this attachment spam quickly, efficiently and with a very low rate of false-positives. GFI MailEssentials uses two anti-spam filter engines and a variety of technologies such as Bayesian Filtering and IP reputation filtering to keep Non-Delivery Report (NDR), CNN spam, MSNBC spam and many more at bay.

Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing

GFI MailEssentials is server-based and installs on the mail server or at the Gateway, eliminating the deployment and administration hassle of desktop-based anti-spam and anti-phishing products. Desktop-based software involves training your users to create anti-spam rule sets, and subsequently users have to spend time updating these rules. Besides, this system does not prevent your server message stores from filling up with spam.

Bayesian filtering technology

Bayesian filtering is widely acknowledged by leading experts and publications as the best way to catch spam. A Bayesian filter uses a mathematical approach based on known spam and ham (valid email). This gives it a tremendous advantage over other spam solutions that just check for keywords or rely on downloading signatures of known spam. GFI’s Bayesian filter uses an advanced mathematical formula and a dataset which is ‘custom-created’ for your installation: The spam data is continuously updated by GFI and is automatically downloaded by GFI MailEssentials, whereas the ham data is automatically collected from your own outbound mail. This means that the Bayesian filter is constantly learning new spam tricks, and spammers cannot circumvent the dataset used. This results in a 98+% spam detection rate, after the required two-week learning period. In short, Bayesian filtering has the following advantages:

  • Looks at the whole spam message, not just keywords or known spam signatures
  • Learns from your outbound email (ham) and therefore greatly reduces false positives
  • Adapts itself over time by learning about new spam and new valid email
  • Dataset is unique to your company, making it impossible to bypass
  • Multilingual and international.
Downloads updates to spam profile database

GFI MailEssentials can download updates to the Bayesian spam profile database from the GFI site, ensuring that it recognizes the latest spam and spamming techniques. GFI maintains the spam profile database by working with a number of spam collection organizations that continually supply spam samples.

Protect your users against the menace of phishing emails

GFI MailEssentials’ anti-phishing module detects and blocks threats posed by phishing emails by comparing the content of the scam with a constantly updated database of blacklisted mails, thereby ensuring all the latest phishing emails are captured. As extra protection, it also looks for typical phishing keywords in every email sent to your organization.

Sort spam to users' junk mail folders

GFI MailEssentials gives you the flexibility to choose what to do with spam. You can delete it, move it to a folder, forward the spam mail to a public email address or folder, or send it to individual customizable folders (for example, a “junk mail” folder) in the end-users’ inboxes. This allows users to easily review mail that has been flagged as spam.

List server for newsletter lists and discussion lists

A list server is the best method for distributing company newsletters, since it automates the process of allowing users to subscribe and unsubscribe (required by anti-spam regulations). However, until now, list servers have been expensive and difficult to administer and they did not integrate with Exchange Server. GFI MailEssentials integrates with Exchange and can use Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server as the backend. Both newsletter lists and discussion lists are supported.

Easy tuning of the Bayesian engine via public folders

Administrators can easily tune the Bayesian engine by dragging and dropping spam or ham to the appropriate public folder. GFI MailEssentials learns from the spam and ham that it picks up from these folders and further improves its spam detection rate. Administrators can control access to this feature through the use of Public Folder security.

Allow users to whitelist or blacklist via public folders

GFI MailEssentials allows users to whitelist or blacklist senders simply by dragging and dropping the appropriate mail to a public folder. This gives users more control and reduces administration. Administrators can control access to this feature through the use of Public Folder security.

Email header analysis and keyword checking

GFI MailEssentials intelligently analyzes the email header and identifies spam based on message field information. It detects forged headers, encoded IPs, spam mutation, spam sent from invalid domains, and more. It also enables you to configure keywords to check for spam using keyword checking.

Third party DNS blacklists (DNSBL) checking

GFI MailEssentials supports DNS blacklists (real time black hole lists), which are databases of known spammers. If the sending mail server is on one of those lists, it marks the email as spam. GFI MailEssentials supports popular third party blacklists such as ORDB, SpamHaus, Spamcop and also enables administrators to configure custom RBL servers.

Support for multiple third party SURBL servers

GFI MailEssentials checks email content against SURBL servers. Administrators can configure multiple SURBL servers, add their own and also define the priority of which server should be checked first.

Automatic whitelist management reduces false positives

Whitelists enable you to ensure that email from particular senders or domains are never flagged as spam, permitting more stringent anti-spam rules. GFI MailEssentials includes a patent-pending automatic whitelist management tool, which automatically adds outgoing mail recipients to your whitelist. This greatly reduces false positives, without any need for additional administration. Whitelists can also be built based on domain names, email addresses and keywords.

Instant view of emails from new senders

The New Senders feature provides users with an instant view of emails sent from people they never had previous contact with, thereby helping users to better organize emails in their email client. If an email is not found to be spam by the GFI MailEssentials anti-spam modules and is also not on the whitelist, then the New Senders module has the ability to move the email to a user's subfolder, for example, Inbox\NewSenders.

Eliminates directory harvesting

Spammers often try to guess recipient addresses by generating multiple random email addresses at a domain; they then send their spam mail to all those addresses. GFI MailEssentials checks the validity of ALL the email addresses included in the mail sent, either via a query to Active Directory or through support for LDAP, and if they are not all valid, marks the mail as spam.

Reports on spam filtering and email usage

The database-driven reporting engine allows you to create advanced reports on your inbound and outbound email. You can report on the amount of spam filtered and on rules which caught most spam. You can also generate reports on user, domain and mail server usage.

Support for SPF – the Sender Policy Framework

As most of today’s spammers spoof email addresses, it is important to be able to check whether an email is genuine or if it has been sent from a forged sending address. This can be done via the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which allows users to test whether a particular email originates from its claimed source. GFI MailEssentials is one of the first commercial anti-spam solutions to support this framework. Its SPF module automatically checks whether the mail from a particular company was actually sent by its registered mail servers.

Set priorities for each anti-spam module

You can configure which method of capturing spam is to be given priority, and create your own hierarchical list. For example, the administrator can select that the whitelisting anti-spam feature must be applied first to all incoming mail, then Bayesian scanning, and so on.

Company-wide disclaimer/footer/header text

GFI MailEssentials enables you to add disclaimers to the top or bottom of an email. Text and HTML formats are supported. You can include fields/variables to personalize the disclaimer. You can also create multiple disclaimers and associate them with a user, group or domain.

Email monitoring

The email monitoring feature enables you to keep a central store of the email communications of a particular person or department. By configuring the email to be copied to an email address, all email can be stored in an Exchange or Outlook store, making searching for email or content easy.

Email archiving to a SQL database

GFI MailEssentials can archive all inbound and outbound mail to a Microsoft SQL Server database. You can search for a particular email or an entire email thread via the included web interface. Mail archiving is essential for back-up and search reasons. For a complete email archiving solution, please check out GFI MailArchiver for Exchange.

Seamless integration with Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other SMTP servers

GFI MailEssentials integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007: It installs on the Exchange SMTP service and does not require gateway configuration. Via the SMTP protocol, it also works with Exchange 5.5, Lotus Domino and other popular SMTP/POP3 servers.

Checkmark certified

GFI MailEssentials holds Checkmark certification from West Coast Labs and more awards.

Content checking, anti-virus and anti-trojan

Get anti-virus, email content checking and anti-trojan protection for your mail server with the GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity Suite. GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP is an email content checking, exploit detection, threats analysis and anti-virus solution that removes all types of email-borne threats before they can affect your email users.

Other features:
  • Whitelisting of emails by keyword
  • Blocking foreign language spam based on character set
  • Email monitoring of particular user or department email communications
  • Fake non-delivery reports (NDRs)
  • Personalized server-based auto replies with tracking number
  • POP3 downloader
  • Web interface for searching email archive.
You're in good company...

Many leading companies have chosen GFI MailEssentials. Here are just a few: Toyota, IBM, Schuff International, PerotSystems, British Midlands, B&W Speakers and many more.

System requirements
Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 – Pro, Server or Advanced Server or Windows XP Professional
IIS5 SMTP service installed and running as an SMTP relay to your mail server
Microsoft Exchange server 2000, 2003, 2007, 4, 5 or 5.5, Lotus Domino, or an SMTP/POP3 mail server
For the list server feature, Microsoft Message Queuing Services is required
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
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